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New Agent



"I am Anthony… the male persona of the ANIMUS," he answered as all programs of the ANIMUS have done for others. Standing in opposite to him, he inquired, "What are you doing here, virus?"


Immediately Alex tensed up from hearing the name, virus. Despite it being true as it was, he never really liked just being calling the thing he was. It was like calling Andy, or this guy, a mere programme, or computer piece of crap. Scowling and glaring at the other, Alex tilted his weight a bit, shifting to his other foot before scoffing slightly at him. “That’s not the right way to address me, data boy. I suggest you watch what you say first, as for my business here, it is not your concern,” he growled in a low tone, taking a step to head around Anthony. His main reason being here was to visit Andy and Desmond, but it seemed with this guy in his way, that wasn’t going to happen.

New Agent



He stood at the hooded man, scanning the partial of his face as he soon realized who this person was, or was it thing now?

Shaking his head, he inquired, “What is the virus doing in the hideout?” Anthony took out his cigarette, ready to flick it at him as he lost the urge to smoke.

Normally the virus never had any problems entering the hideout, everyone who was there knew exactly who he was, but this time he was greeted with a rather crude, and disgusting remark that made his stomach turn. Scoffing slightly and scowling at the unknown man, Alex drew closer, his blue eyes sharp on the other who seemed to be analysing him up and down. The fact he knew that Alex was a virus was enough to make his guards shoot up, for this man was not mortal then like Shaun or Desmond.

"And who exactly are you?" the virus snarled, his brows knitting together is a furrow above his pale icy blue eyes. 

Casually going to bring my Alex RP blog back! Who wants starters?



Alex Mercer / Prototype: Me

Desmond Miles / Assassin`s Creed: Pyrohunk

Gifs: Lysa Bell


People, you don`t want to bump into at night…

(really these fucking things! We tried so much, nothing fucking worked for real gvhjsvghjagdhgsavdhhjdv)

Alex Mercer / Prototype : Me

Photos: Lysa Bell


Random idea I came up with last night: What if Alex was captured by Cross, but instead of being sent to Gentek was sent to the SCP Foundation?

He’d fit in perfectly, and the people there know how to deal with things like him. He’d be designated SCP-118, “The Shapeshifter”, and currently going back and forth between Keter and Euclid classification. After Cross dumps him here, he leaves and never returns.

Alex looks really hopeless right now because the SCP Foundation does not fuck with their containment procedures, and after informed by Cross what the virus can do… they manufactured some strong ass glass and stuff it into a very thick steel room. The room itself is located deep within the foundation, a mile or so below ground. His entire enclosure is full of vents and holes to allow Bloodtox to leak inside should he try to escape. They also keep his glass tube nice and cold to keep him in a somewhat lethargic state until they need him.

This would probably make a cool RP idea… maybe I’ll make a starter. Who knows. This is what my tired mind comes up with at 3 am. Crossover AUs. Lordy.

((I realize there is already an SCP taking up that number, but for the purpose of… whatever this is, that’s null and void. The scenery is Natla’s room from Tomb Raider.))


Unfortunately guys, I think I may put this blog on Hiatus for a bit. I cannot seem to find my muse for Alex like I once had. Maybe I need to replay the game, or switch him back to being regular Virus!Alex instead of Assassin!Alex. I am not quite sure.

I know there are a lot of other Alex RPers out there, more of them being better than I, but if I get around to our thread, and post, please just take it without asking. ;;

I feel like I’m letting a lot of people down lately.