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Sick Minds Think Alike

     It wasn’t abnormal at all for the virus to travel far from city to city, in search of something new to cure his boredom. Granted that it brought new experiences, it just wasn’t enough to satisfy him at all, and with his growing hunger lately, Alex has become much more crueler, and temperamental. He tried so hard not to consume, to stick to the bare minimum with surviving off of rats or small animals, but it wasn’t ever enough for him, and any other foods like burgers, steaks, anything mortals ate could never fill him up, and never were that tasteful.

           Not like people were.

    Now he finds himself in Seattle, standing on top of the buildings with the heavy downpour rain falling upon his leather jacket and hood, thudding lightly as he stood there with his hands in his pockets. Blue irises stood out against the blood red backgrounds of his eyes, making them look menacing and fierce as he stared down ever person that walked the streets this late evening. A low growl rumbled in his chest, like a tiger on the prowl just waiting for the perfect opportunity. 

     And that moment came when a young male, with a strange design painted on his vest walked by.

     Claw bursting out and forming from the smaller black tendrils, Alex leaped from the building top and towards the other, slamming his large claws down on the other to trap him on the ground. 

     ”Guess it’s not your lucky day, kid,” he snarled.


mister cough and cold symptoms


pointless funfact for today; it has been four years since i’ve drawn this douchebag

It is honestly so hard to come back here and rolepaly, because I feel like I feel out of touch with the [Prototype] fandom, and I miss all my buddies. ;;


                I          will        

                            rip you



                                            p  i  e  c  e  s

New Agent



"I am Anthony… the male persona of the ANIMUS," he answered as all programs of the ANIMUS have done for others. Standing in opposite to him, he inquired, "What are you doing here, virus?"


Immediately Alex tensed up from hearing the name, virus. Despite it being true as it was, he never really liked just being calling the thing he was. It was like calling Andy, or this guy, a mere programme, or computer piece of crap. Scowling and glaring at the other, Alex tilted his weight a bit, shifting to his other foot before scoffing slightly at him. “That’s not the right way to address me, data boy. I suggest you watch what you say first, as for my business here, it is not your concern,” he growled in a low tone, taking a step to head around Anthony. His main reason being here was to visit Andy and Desmond, but it seemed with this guy in his way, that wasn’t going to happen.

New Agent



He stood at the hooded man, scanning the partial of his face as he soon realized who this person was, or was it thing now?

Shaking his head, he inquired, “What is the virus doing in the hideout?” Anthony took out his cigarette, ready to flick it at him as he lost the urge to smoke.

Normally the virus never had any problems entering the hideout, everyone who was there knew exactly who he was, but this time he was greeted with a rather crude, and disgusting remark that made his stomach turn. Scoffing slightly and scowling at the unknown man, Alex drew closer, his blue eyes sharp on the other who seemed to be analysing him up and down. The fact he knew that Alex was a virus was enough to make his guards shoot up, for this man was not mortal then like Shaun or Desmond.

"And who exactly are you?" the virus snarled, his brows knitting together is a furrow above his pale icy blue eyes. 



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People, you don`t want to bump into at night…

(really these fucking things! We tried so much, nothing fucking worked for real gvhjsvghjagdhgsavdhhjdv)

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